Frightful Flies: Three Tips To Move Them Away From Your Back Door

Ah, summer! The sun is shining, you're stepping out to the back deck with a plate of burgers ready to go on the grill and as you head out the door you've instantly got four flies flicking around your face. Yuck! Flies love the heat of summer which is why they are more in-your-face this time of year. As house flies can spread diseases through the germs they are carrying on their legs, it is important you tackle this pest problem before it becomes the plot of a bad movie. Here are three ways you can beat back these winged insects from your back door.

Outside Fly Attractions

After you've finished off eating that freshly grilled burger, it is time to head back outside to determine whether there is something specific outside your back door that is drawing flies into this area. Common fly attractions include:

  • A dirty grill that is covered with food remnants from previous cook ups. Flies love to feed on the leftover specks of meat sitting on your grill, and the odors from the buildup of grease in your grill grease trap will bring flies flocking.
  • A buildup of dog waste in the lawn. Dog feces is another attraction to flies as it contains sugars that have been expelled from your canine friend. Flies have a love for sugar, so this is another feeding opportunity for them.
  • Garbage cans. Your trash cans are a source of food for flies. They will breed in an area that has an excess of food available to them, and that leads to even more flies to contend with.

So, step one in your bid to beat back the flies is to remove any feeding grounds that are bringing them closer to the house. Clean the grill on a regular basis, keep it covered when not in use and pick up all dog waste on a daily basis. Move your garbage tins to an area that is nowhere near an entry point to your home. If you remove their food supply, the flies will move elsewhere.

Homemade Repellents

Once you have removed all food and waste that could be attracting the flies, it is time to get on the defensive. One way that you can do that is to put repellents into place around the back door that make it a place that flies do not want to go.

One popular homemade repellent is to take a clear plastic bag, partially fill it with water, place one to four pennies in the water and then attach a piece of string so you can hang it outside the back door. It is thought that the light reflecting off the pennies is magnified because they are in the water and that scares the flies away.

There is no scientific evidence to support this one way or the other, but many people swear it works well. At worst, it is going to cost you a plastic bag and four cents, so it is worth trying at your own home.

Pest Control

If the flies are getting to the stage where you are afraid to open the back door for fear of them trying to swarm in, it is time to call in pest control. You can click here to get in touch with a pest control company. There are two main ways a pest controller can help to control your fly problem:

  1. Fly baits. Fly baits are available in spray and granule formulas and these are scattered away from the door to move the flies to a different area. They have pheromones and odors built into them to act as a lure. When flies feed on them, death occurs.
  2. Surface sprays. Surface sprays are also an effective way for fly control. Areas in the backyard patio area are coated with a spray that will kill flies when they land on it.

Bear in mind that some pest control products are harmful to animals, so make sure to discuss your pets with the pest controller before any product is used.

Using these three tips you can take back control of your backyard and enjoy your summer barbecue time once more. Don't let a few flies get between you and that burger, instead declare your backyard a fly-free zone.

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