Tired Of Sharing Your Home With Insects & Rodents? Three Best Tips For A Pest-Free Home

Living in a home infested with insects, mice or rats is annoying. But even worse is the potential risk these pests can carry in the form of diseases that can spread to humans and the structural damage they can do to a home. Getting rid of pests, especially if the infestation is significant, requires a multi-pronged approach that includes both professional pest extermination, elimination of potential routes of access, and daily attention to prevent a recurrence.

Tip One: Start by having your home and property inspected and treated by a professional pest control expert

Homeowners who often see live insects, rodents, or evidence of their existence such as feces or chewing damage, are likely to be hosting a larger population of these pests than they may realize. Since most types of pests are capable of traveling and making their nests through hidden areas of the home, such as inside walls, attics, and crawlspaces or in secluded nests near or under the home, homeowners may not notice their existence until their numbers are large. Having your home professionally inspected by a pest control expert is the first step in determining the level of infestation you are dealing with and taking steps to help decimate the pest population by treatment. 

Tip Two: Seal off access points into the home

Once the home has been professional treated by a professional exterminator, the next step is to seal off as many access routes as possible to reduce the possibility of recurring infestations. Doing this requires examining your home for any openings that may allow pests to make their way into the structure, such as: 

  • openings where pipes, wires, or other objects go through the outer shell of the home
  • window and door frames that have cracks or damage that prevents a tight seal
  • thresholds that are not properly sealed
  • holes in window screens
  • vent openings that are not properly covered or those that have damaged covers
  • holes in siding, walls, or flooring

Since each home may offer different entry points for pests, ask your pest exterminator to help you determine specific areas of your home that may be allowing pests to enter and make suggestions for sealing them.

Tip Three: Eliminate food availability to eliminate future infestations 

Pests such as mice, ants, roaches, and others are most likely to be drawn to homes that offer them a steady source of food. To make sure that your home is not seen as a buffet for pests, homeowners may want to limit family dining and snacking to the kitchen or dining room to avoid crumbs, wipe tables and counters immediately after food preparation, and load dishes into the dishwasher as soon as possible after meal time. In addition, it can be helpful to take food-related trash out daily and make sure that food storage areas are monitored closely for pest activity and kept clean and free of crumbs and spills.

Call an exterminator, like Leck's Exterminating, for more help.

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