Five Tips For Better Mouse Control

Many homeowners deal with the issue of mice in their homes, especially during the winter homes when these pests are looking for better shelter and food sources. In order to better control the presence of mice in your home, here are five tips to help you handle it better:

  1. Make Exterior Repairs: Mice usually make their way into homes because they have found an easy entrance from holes and cracks in the exterior. It's important to regularly get your home inspected for this issue so that you can prevent mice from entering your home in the first place. If there's no easy entrance to the home and no way for the mice to hide in the walls, then they will look elsewhere. 
  2. Vacuum: Mice only want to take shelter in homes that allow them to also easily access food. This is typically done when there are many crumbs to gather on the floor, which is why it's so important to vacuum or sweep regularly, especially after cooking. This is going to prevent there from being easy access to food. This is also true of keeping tall trash cans that are sealed so that mice cannot get into the trash either. 
  3. Trim the Trees: Many homeowners only look at the ground when it comes to sealing cracks. However, you should also be looking up. Mice can easily climb up trees and bushes to get to other cracks that may be in the home that are higher up. For this reason, you should also be sealing off these areas, as well as trimming back your trees and bushes so that they are not touching the structure of your home. This makes it twice as hard for mice to get inside. 
  4. Hire Pest Control: Finally, if you still aren't sure why you are having a mouse problem in your home, you should hire the professionals. They will know what areas you might be overlooking so that they can fix it, as well as take care of the problem that is already inside. This way, you are both preventing future problems and taking care of the problem already at hand. 

When you consider these four tips for mouse control, keeping mice out of your home is going to be much easier. You are much more likely to prevent the problem altogether so that you never have to deal with the stress of infestation, as well. 

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