3 Major Pest Control Myths You May Believe

Have you recently discovered that your house has become a home to hordes of insects or mice? Are you embarrassed about the problem and want to make it go away? There are a lot of unfortunate myths regarding roaches, mice, and other household pests. If you listen to this so-called advice, you could wind up making your problem worse before it can get better. This doesn't have to be the case. By ignoring this supposed advice, you make sure that your pest problem is taken care of once and for all. Some of the worst pest control myths include:

If you have pests you must live in a filthy home. While having untidy housekeeping habits is something that is more attractive to most pests, you can get an infestation for a variety of reasons. Perhaps a single pregnant mouse wandered into your home to get out of the heat or the cold. Maybe one of your neighbors had roaches and has inadvertently driven some of them to your home. Bedbugs can hitch rides on just about anything or live just about anywhere. Embarrassing myths like this prevent people from calling an exterminator to get the pest control help that you need. If you still worry that your neighbors will think your housekeeping skills are lacking, you can always play off the exterminator's visit as being "preventative" instead of being a cure.

Store-bought or natural remedies will get rid of mice/roaches/bedbugs/etc. It is true that some store bought or natural remedies may help to prevent or thwart a mild infestation. But if these remedies were really effective, there would be no need for pest control professionals. If you're worried about dousing your home in chemicals, most professional pest control products are actually safer than the products that you can buy in the store. A store bought insecticide has often been formulated to be strong and effective against singular insects or small colonies only. A widespread application can be extremely hazardous to your health. When you call an exterminator for pest control help, he or she will be using chemicals that have been formulated to be used across a large area and to be as harmless as possible.

Adopting a cat or dog will get rid of the problem. You should never adopt a pet solely for pest control purposes. In the first place, not all mice and rodents are going to be scared of or in locations that are accessible to your pet. In the second place, rats, mice, and many insects harbor pathogens that can spread from the pest in question to your cat or dog and then to you. If you really want a cat or a dog, that's fine. But don't adopt one for pest control help; contact a human exterminator instead.

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