Keep Pests Out Of The House

The most important thing to do in order to prevent pests from taking over your home is to keep them from coming inside to begin with. The more steps you take to prevent them from getting in the house, the less you will have to worry about pests invading your living spaces. You can learn about some of the things you should be doing around your house to keep pests out by reading this article.

Close gaps along incoming plumbing

If you look under your cabinets where plumbing pipes generally come into the house, you may find that many of them have small gaps between them and the wall. These gaps are often large enough to allow a variety of pests to come right into your house. You can use caulking to seal up the gaps and cut down on the number of pests getting in.

Seal up cracks in baseboards

If you have cracks and other spaces along your baseboards, this provides another way for the pests to get in; they can even build their nests under the baseboards. You can use either caulking or repair plaster to seal up those cracks and spaces to prevent them from entering in this manner. Sealing up those cracks can also help with winter-proofing your home, which is an added bonus you get when taking care of the problem.

Fix your screens

If you have bent window screen frames or there are tears in the screens, these things should be fixed as soon as possible; otherwise, pests can come right into your home, even if your windows are only slightly cracked open. You can buy a screen repair kit and fix most tears yourself; however, for a quick fix, you can simply sew a piece of nylon panty hose over the torn areas to repair them in the meantime.

Replace worn thresholds

If you can see a crack between your doors and the thresholds, pests can go right under the door and into your home. You'll want to replace the current threshold with a new one; the process is fairly simple for replacing them. You will remove the screws, lift the current threshold out and replace it with the new one, screwing it into place securely. The new one should seal up that crack between it and the door.

Check used items before bringing them in the house

If you have purchased used items like furniture, large electronics, or anything else pests can get into, you should check those items before bringing them inside. This can help you avoid bringing pests in your home that are hiding in the components.

For more information on keeping your home pest-free, contact your local commercial pest control services.

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