Remove Rats From Your Shed And The Property Surrounding It

If a few rats have been spotted lingering near the doorway to your storage shed and you have even found rat droppings and chewed up items inside of the shed, indicating that the rats have gained entry to the structure, you have every right to be concerned.

Rats can cause damage to your possessions and pose a risk to your health if they carry diseases and come into contact with you. The rat control strategies below will help you catch and eliminate the rats and discourage additional rodents from becoming a nuisance.

Use Bait And Traps

Rats are scavengers that often eat a bevy of food items. Place crackers, peanuts, chips, or similar items on dishes. Purchase traps that have a locking mechanism secured to each door. This type of trap is referred to as a humane one because it will not kill a rodent. Instead, it will allow a rodent to enter the enclosure, but will prevent them from exiting.

Make sure that you purchase traps that are designed for larger sized rodents so that the rats won't have difficulty entering the cages. Place two of the cages next to the shed and place one of the cages inside of the shed.

Set all of the traps so that the doors are opened fully. Check the traps daily to see if you have caught any or all of the rodents. After capturing each rat, release it in the woods or another wide open space that is far from your home. 

Clean The Premises

Clutter and dirty surfaces can be the reason that rats were attracted to your property in the first place. Get the shed's interior in order by removing all of the items stored inside of the structure and placing them on your lawn. If any of the items have washable surfaces, use a disinfectant and soft cloths to clean the items.

Use disinfectant and a cloth to clean non-porous surfaces inside of the shed. This includes flooring, walls, or shelving items that are used to store items. Afterward, place all of the loose items neatly inside of the shed. 

Cut Overgrowth And Repair Damage To The Shed

Long blades of grass or bushy plants will provide rats with a favorable area to nest. Use a lawnmower to cut the grass and a weed whacker to eliminate weeds that are growing next to the shed. Use pruning shears to trim long branches on each plant.

If the shed has any structural damage, have it repaired so that small holes or gaps do not provide rodents with the opportunity to enter the shed. Maintain the cleanliness of the shed and the property that surrounds it to reduce the likelihood that you will encounter rats again. 

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