How Do You Keep Pests Out Of Your Yard?

Nothing ruins a good yard like the sudden appearance of certain pests. Gardeners and landscapers have been battling pests for years, and the battle has never really been won. To keep pests out of your yard, you'll have to take certain periodic measures depending on certain factors including the environment, season, type of soil and even the type of plants found on your yard. Several measures have proven to be quite successful in the past.

Make Your Yard Less Attractive to Pests

Pests will show up in your yard for one main reason; the conditions there are ideal for them. This usually means your yard provides the pests with plenty of food, water, shelter, etc. You, therefore, need to make the conditions on your yard unattractive to the pests without compromising the condition of the plants in your yard.

One effective way of doing this is by removing places where pests can hide or nest. These include areas with tall grass and brush piles. If there is space underneath your deck/porch, ensure it's completely sealed off. Cover the dustbin and compost pile to keep out raccoons etc.

Use Scent/Taste Repellents

Many animals are extremely sensitive to certain smells. Therefore, by covering your yard with something that produces the right smell, you'll be able to ward off the attention of any pest eyeing your yard.

Before you decide on the right repellent, you need to figure out which pest you're going up against. For example, castor bean can discourage certain rodents, and garlic spray is quite effective when warding off many different creatures. If you have rabbits nibbling on certain plants, spraying these plants with hot pepper products can help to keep them away.


Putting up a fence is a more effective solution in the long term when dealing with large pests. Mesh fencing is quite good since the spaces can be small enough to keep out rodents and other pests. You can decide whether you wish to fence off your whole yard or just a particular area that is attracting the pests.

You can also consider putting up an electric fence if the problem is serious. Certain animals may not be deterred by a simple fence, and if they are large enough, they can even damage the fence. An electric fence can help with this. Look for professional landscaping services to discuss other possible solutions.

Pest Control

If the pests you're experiencing are unhealthy or dangerous, it's best to call in a pest control specialist to remove them and put deterrents in place to keep them from coming back. This isn't something you want to leave up to a passive removal strategy. Check out a website like for more information.

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