Ants On Your Bathroom Countertop? 2 Ways To Get The Ants Out And Tips To Keep Them From Coming Back

If you walk in your bathroom and see ants crawling on the countertop his can be frustrating. If you don't do anything about this, they can accumulate so you will have a lot of ants. You can get them out in different ways, include the two ways below. When you are done you have to do things to prevent the ants from coming back again. Below is more information about this so you can get these pesky ants out.

Use Ant Poison

If you don't have any children, you can use ant poison. This type of poison generally comes in liquid form and inside a squeeze bottle. This makes it very easy to use.

Squeeze a little poison where you see most of the ants. When you are done you should see a lot of ants drinking the poison as they love the taste of it. When they drink they will keep some poison in them and go back to their nest to give some of the poison to other ants. Over a period of a few hours the poison will be gone, and the ants will be dead.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar may not kill ants completely, but they hate the smell. If you see ants and you spray the vinegar on them they will die, however. 

Fill up a spray bottle with half water and half vinegar. Spray the vinegar where you see the ants. Once they smell it they should leave your home and go somewhere else. This does take time, however, and you would likely have to spray the area more than once a day for a few days. Keep doing this until you stop seeing ants.

Vinegar is not bad for you or your home as it will kill bacteria, which the ants may leave behind.

Prevent Ants from Coming Back

The best way to prevent ants from coming back is to find where they are coming from. Because they are on the bathroom countertop it should be close to this. This is likely where the countertop meets the wall.

This is easy to do if you use poison. This is because you can watch them when they bring the poison back to the net. They may be in a line coming back and forth.

You likely have an opening somewhere around the edge of your bathroom countertop. Look closely all the way around. If you see any you should place caulking over the opening to prevent the ants from coming through.

If you still see ants, you need to call a pest control company, such as Southern Greens Pest Control. They have much stronger chemicals to kill the ants and they can find where the nest is. The pest control company may have to come back more than once if you have a lot of ants to ensure the ants are gone. 

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