Getting Ready For Battle: A 3-Part Plan For Declaring War On Roaches

When you see one roach, it often means there are many more you cannot see. You should immediately develop a plan of action and declare war on roaches. Since these vermin multiply quickly, prompt and decisive action is necessary to eliminate the problem quickly.

Establish Your Perimeter

When you have the opportunity to establish a perimeter, it makes the job of eliminating roaches easier. Start by surveying your property and finding entrance points where vermin can easily come inside. Remember, since roaches are small, they need a fraction of an inch to squeeze into your home, which makes the job of extermination harder. Try to have major entrance points fixed, such as cracks in your foundation, gaps around windows and doors, and cracks or holes in your walls.

Once you have done the best you can at eliminating these entrance points, consider using outdoor pest sprays to create a barrier around your property. Depending on the product's specifications, you may need to spray enough so there is a foot-wide barrier. You should also be mindful of weather forecasts before you spray so the product has enough time to dry before it rains. Of course, you will need to maintain your barrier, since it will eventually wash away over time.

No Food And Water For Them

Since roaches can survive long periods without food and water and will eat all types of food and non-food items, you will need to be diligent about eliminating food and water sources. If there are any leaks inside your home, whether they are leaky pipes inside walls or a bathroom faucet that continues to drip, you must have these fixed. When considering food sources, you may need to invest extra money to find storage products that are made of plastic to keep food safe. Boxes of non-perishable foods that are unopened are best stored in a plastic storage bin. When you open items, such as cereal or crackers, seal the inner plastic bag and place it in a zip-top bag or transfer the contents to a reusable plastic container. Unfortunately, cardboard boxes actually attract roaches and other vermin, so you will need to minimize the amount boxes you have available for them to eat.

Be careful about meal times in your home. Make sure all meals or snacks are eaten in a centralized location that is easy to clean. Even if you typically eat at the dining table, but there is a carpet or an area rug under the table, you might want to place newspaper or a plastic tarp under the table to be sure no crumbs end up on the carpet. When you have a roach problem, having carpet inside your home generally makes it harder to handle the problem, since vacuums are not perfect at removing all crumbs, and the carpet gives roaches an easy place to hide and lay eggs. 

Kill The Enemy And Halt Reproduction

The final step in eliminating roaches is to kill them and minimize their chance of multiplying before they are completely eliminated. You want to simultaneously have your property sprayed with pesticide and insect growth regulator (IGR). This task is often best left to the professionals to ensure the proper areas of your home are treated. Pesticides either work by killing roaches once they come into contact with the substance or by making the roach vulnerable to dehydration.

Both tactics work well, and it is helpful if they are used in combination. Using a pesticide on one occasion means there will be some roaches that are not affected by the chemical, either because they do not come into contact with it or because they are in a stage of development that keeps them protected. Using IGR can help when it is present during the early stages of development. These roaches are rendered infertile, so even though they will not be killed by IGR, they cannot reproduce, which makes it easier to control and eventually eliminate your roach problem.

When roaches are the enemy, the problem can often seem impossible to eliminate, often because roaches multiply exponentially. Doing what you can to prevent new roaches from coming inside your home, eliminating their sources for survival, and exterminating them once and for all are the best steps to take to become victorious. To learn more, contact a pest control company like Affordable Pest Control.

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