Some Fantastic Pest Control Tips

Taking care of your home comes with a lot more considerations than just keeping up with things like plumbing, roofing, and electrical issues. You also need to learn about things that can lead to pest issues and make any corrections around your property and inside of the house that help you to stay on top of pests like bugs, rodents, and larger wildlife like raccoons and bats. Here are some things to know about pest prevention and your home.

Make sure you store wood correctly

When you get wood in the winter it may not seem so important to worry about how it is stored. All you need to know is that you are going to have access to dry wood to warm your home and that you aren't going to need to walk too far in the snow in order to get it. However, if you aren't going to be using that firewood up quickly, then you want to store it further from the house and in a way where the wood is kept a few inches off the ground. Storing it off the ground is a great deterrent for bugs, such as termites.

Watch what you do with your trash

If you store your trash right near the house, then you are making it so easy for bugs who come for your trash to find their way into your home. This is why it's a lot better to make sure your trash is away from the house. You should also consider putting it on concrete so that you can wash the concrete regularly. Also, you want to purchase cans with lids that animals can't remove. Secure lids are extremely important if you live in an area where bears and raccoons are a concern, but even dogs in the neighborhood will want to get in the can.

Spray down all outside furniture

You want to make sure you spray down your outside furniture with a high-powered nozzle on your garden hose. You especially want to make sure you tip the furniture over on its side, so you can get under it which is where the majority of pests will be hiding. If you aren't spraying the furniture down regularly, then you can end up with a lot of pests nesting in the hiding spots, especially things like spiders and scorpions.

Keep outside things outside where they belong

You want to refrain from bringing things inside that are supposed to be kept outside. If your child has an outside wagon, don't let them bring it through the house because it can bring pests right in the house with it. If you have an outside chair, then leave it out there for the same reason.

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