How Does Bed Bug Extermination Differ From Other Extermination Efforts?

Bed bugs are a real nuisance, and they can be tough to get rid of. Many people try to get rid of bed bugs on their own, but their efforts are not successful. This is mostly because bed bugs are different from most other household pests, and as a result, extermination methods for bed bugs have to differ from those used for pests like ants and roaches. But how?

Bed bugs can't be baited.

So many insects are easily baited. This is a very easy way to exterminate them. You put down a bait, the insects find it, they bring it back to the nest, and they share it with other bugs — who die. This works with ants, cockroaches, and even some bees and wasps. It doesn't work for bed bugs because they don't eat anything other than blood, and you can't exactly make bait from human blood. They are also attracted by the warmth of human skin — something a bait cannot offer. Since you can't get rid of bed bugs with baits, you have to rely on either insecticides or heat treatments. You need a treatment that comes into direct contact with the bugs.

Bed bug extermination needs to kill every bug.

With most insects, you can employ a tactic that will kill most of them off, and then you can make some changes to the environment that will drive off any lingering insects. For instance, you can kill 90% of the ants in your home and then clean up all food and water sources, so the remaining ants move in and find somewhere else to go. This does not really work with bed bugs since they feed on your blood. Unless you plan on moving away for 6 months (or longer), you really need to kill every bed bug during your extermination efforts. If you leave even 2 behind, they will soon repopulate your home.

Bed bug extermination requires that you treat items, not just the environment.

You can't just treat your home for bed bugs. You have to treat soft things like your bedding, clothes, and shoes. In most cases, the best way to treat these items is by laundering them in hot water and drying them on high heat. You don't have to do this with ants or roaches.

Since bed bugs are so unique and difficult to get rid of, your best bet is to call in the professionals. They know how to eradicate all of the bugs the first time with heat treatments or insecticides that really work. Reach out to professionals who provide bed bug extermination services in your area.

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