Don't Touch That Skunk! Why You Should Always Call Pest Control When Dealing With The Smelly, Striped Mammal

There are many pests and vermin across America, from alligators in the south to bears in the north. Most of the time the pests you deal with are far smaller, like snakes, spiders, bees, and termites. All of those pose very visible threats to your body or your property, so most people are happy to let an expert take care of them. In that regard, skunks are quite unique in that they look a lot more friendly and have more of a comedic threat level than anything serious. That is, until they get agitated. Here are a few reasons why you should never underestimate a skunk and always call for professional pest control to remove them. 

The Smell Is Truly Intolerable

Yes, it is quite unique and interesting that a skunk's primary defense mechanism is the horrific scent they shoot out from their anal glands. That does not mean you want to try and provoke that reaction, because it truly is something awful. If done close to your home, (or worse yet, inside,) it can linger for weeks, if not longer. If it gets on you, it can have you retching and gagging for ages; and if it gets into your eyes, mouth, or nose, you could need to go to the hospital. It is never something to take lightly, even if it is a novel concept.

They Are Dangerous At The Front As Well

Unlike a lot of other animals, skunks are dangerous at both ends. While they mainly use the smelly spray to defend themselves, if they do feel like there is no other alternative they can bite with their sharp teeth and even scratch with their surprisingly long claws. If either of those two things happens, you will need to see a doctor. Skunks can have a lot of bacteria in their mouth and on their claws, and some can carry rabies.

Bad For The Animal

While you may think that it is all fun and games to try and rehouse a skunk somewhere else without a professional, you could be actually causing the animal a great deal of stress. Skunk removal takes finesse and an understanding of the habitats they live in if you want to do it successfully. If you care about skunks because you think they are funny or just because you have an affinity for all wild animals, then do the right thing and call for professional skunk removal. 

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