Removing Opossums From Your Yard: What You Should Do

Opossums are a large marsupial that moves about at night, and plays dead (plays possum) when it feels like a threat is near. They don't usually go around humans, but if you stumble upon one in the middle of the night, it may feel threatened and be dangerous, especially if it has any babies around. If you have found that you have opossums in your yard and you want them to be relocated, you should leave this work to a professional pest control company to ensure the entire family of opossums are relocated and far enough away that they do not return. You should never attempt to handle an opossum yourself. Read on for tips on what else you can do to remove these pests from your yard.

Remove It's Food Source

If you can, set up a wildlife camera to see if you can catch where it's getting its food from and what it may be eating. If you can get rid of the food source, you may be able to get rid of the pest itself as well. Place the camera where you suspect the pest has been in your yard and watch the footage to see if you can spot the food source, and if there are more than one opossum that you are dealing with. Once you have found the food source, you should get rid of it, or try to contain it as best as possible to prevent these pests from getting fed so easily.

Remove It's Nesting Area

You should also watch to see where it has been living. If you have a compost pile, or you have a log pile, or some other area in your yard where these pests may be nesting, and you should try your best to get rid of it. Any landscape pile or other type of piles in your yard should be removed, and hopefully the pest will relocate elsewhere on it's own. If it's under a deck or shed, you need to close off the area in which it has been getting into these areas. 

If you have found that you have opossums in your yard, you should hire a wildlife control expert to remove the pest and any babies it may have from your yard. Never try to handle these or other wildlife animals on your own, and do what you can to make their stay a little less comfortable to get them to leave on their own. 

For more info, contact a local wildlife removal company.

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