Cockroach Signs You Need To Watch Out For

Cockroaches are sneaky pests that like to lurk in the night to find what they need to eat to survive. These pests are tricky to get rid of, as they are out at night when you're more than likely asleep. They may lurk around during the day when it's quiet, or you may hear scurrying when you open up a dark cabinet, but these pests usually move about at night. If you suspect you have these pests in your home, you need to get rid of them quickly before they infest your home. You may already have a problem with these pests and now be completely aware of it. Read on for additional info about signs of a cockroach infestation. 

Grease Marks

Roaches leave behind grease marks from their bodies, so when they scurry around your home, they may be leaving behind these marks everywhere. If you are seeing these grease or oil markings on your walls, it may indicate a roach problem. You may also have these marks on other parts of your home as well, such as across your counters, stove, or around other areas as well. Be sure to wipe down these areas to remove the greasy marks. You can use bleach wipes or just mild dish soap and warm water.

Dead Roaches

If you are finding dead cockroaches or their shells, you need to pay attention to these signs. This would indicate a problem with these pests. You may have dead cockroaches because they aren't finding enough to eat and are dying, or you may have so many cockroaches that they are breeding and dying, and they've been there a while, living out their lifetime. If you find dead cockroaches, you need to start finding the living ones and begin exterminating them.

Living Cockroaches

If you have spotted living cockroaches, whether it's just one, or you've found several, you need to exterminate them immediately. They can quickly become a major problem for you and they can multiply, so before long, they may be taking over your home. You should set off a bug bomb in your home and begin cleaning up your home immediately. Setting roach traps and spraying around your home is also something you can do to help exterminate these pests.

If you see any of these signs, you need to begin exterminating. Hire a pest control expert to help you get control of this pest situation.

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