Dealing With A Raccoon Problem

If you have recently had raccoons causing destruction to your property, you likely want to have them leave the area as soon as possible. Raccoons are known for destroying personal items as they search for food. When they become too much to handle, proactive steps need to be taken to ensure they are removed or that they leave on their own.

Make It Difficult For Raccoons To Access Food And Water

If food and water are readily available on your property, raccoons and other pests will not be inclined to move on to another area. If you remove all food and water sources, the raccoons will need to move on to be able to eat and drink. Bring all pet bowls inside after outdoor animals have eaten. Cover any open water sources, such as pools, fountains, or bird baths. Make sure you tend to your household garbage receptacles by leaving them in an enclosed location until pickup day. Spray the interiors of your cans with a mixture of vinegar and water to mask odor as well.

Check For Nesting Areas And Cover Them As Needed

Raccoons will take up residence in an area where they feel safe from predators. This may be underneath a porch, shed, or garage where they have nestled away from daily activity. Check these areas for raccoons and add pieces of chicken wire to open areas when the animals are out for the day or night so they are unable to get back in after their excursion. Make sure raccoons are not living inside of any detached buildings on your property as well. 

Scare Raccoons To Encourage Them To Leave

Raccoons will not stay in an area where they feel as if they are being threatened or if they are scared. Consider setting up motion detection lighting and a sprinkler system. When raccoons pass by the detector, they will be greeted with illumination and a spritz of moisture. Using loud sounds such as an air horn or pots and pans hit together can also scare raccoons away from getting too close to your home.

Contact A Residential Wildlife Removal Service

If you do not have success with your raccoon elimination methods, it is best to contact a professional to come to the rescue. A residential wildlife removal service handles raccoon diversion and relocation. A worker will come to your property to evaluate the extent of the problem and will make recommendations on getting raccoons to vacate. If the raccoons do not leave willingly, they will use traps to capture the animals to be relocated to another area far from your home.

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