Pest Control You Can DIY

Pest control is something you should leave to a professional, but there may be sometimes when you can handle getting rid of the pests yourself. Minor issues may be something that you may encounter throughout your lifetime owning a home, such as issues with ants, cockroaches, spiders, and even mice. If you have issues with these pests, read on for some helpful tips to help you get rid of them yourself.


If you have found signs of mice in your home, but you haven't actually seen a mouse, it doesn't mean you don't have them. Mice are tricky pests that hide well throughout your home and will come about when you aren't around. If you see the signs, you more than likely have an issue that needs to be nipped in the bud before you have a house full of them. Set traps around where you have seen these pests and reset the traps often when you trap a rodent. Refresh the baits often and make necessary repairs to your home to prevent the pests from coming back into your home ever again.


Ants can be in your home in great numbers, so you need to find where their colony is located to get rid of the entire colony, not just the handful of worker ants that are scavenging for food and water. You can get rid of the ants by setting ant traps around where you have seen activity, and just to lure them to the baits and so they take the toxic food back to their colony. You can also spray your home's perimeter with a pesticide to help kill these pests.


Spiders come inside for warmth in addition to food, so you may see these pests more often in the fall or winter months. If you have seen a lot of spiders in your home, you should spray the perimeter of your home with a pesticide, paying close attention to the dark, dank areas of your home where spiders may be most often. You can also set up spider traps as well to capture and kill these pests.

If you have issues with pests in your home, there are a few things you may be able to do to get rid of them. If you have an infestation, or you have multiple pest problems, you should leave the work to a pest control professional.

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