What To Do To Control Ants In Your Home

Ants are impressive insects in the weight they can carry and how much work they can complete in finding food and water for their colony. If you have ants in your home though, you may not be as impressed with the work they do, but more upset about them being in your home in the first place. These are not a pest that you want in your home—not that you want any pests in your home. Ants can come into your home looking for anything that is edible for themselves and their colony. If you have ants, you need to take action in order to get rid of them. Read on for some tips to help you get control of these pests.

Set Ant Traps

Set traps around your home that can trap these pests and kill them. These traps can be found at your local hardware store and can also be found at most big box stores. Set the traps where you have seen these pests the most around your home. Replace the traps often and reset them often to get rid of these pests. These traps lure them in with bait inside the traps, so you don't actually see the pests inside, nor do you have to touch any of the toxic bait inside. You can also make your own traps using jelly and Borax. Combine the two in a shallow container, then set the container where you have seen these pests the most in your home. Replace these baits often as well. Keep these baits away from small children and pets alike.

Clean Everything

You need to stay on top of your cleaning and clean everything in your home. Clean up your counters and all spaces where you have prepared food. You also need to pay attention to anywhere where you have water leaks, as ants are going to be lured to these spaces for food and water. Clean your home, wiping down all counters and food prep spaces using dish soap. Remove grease and oil splatters, and clean out your sink drain to prevent these pests from finding the food they need to survive.

If you have an issue with ants, you need to get control of them right away. Hire an ant control professional to help you get control of these or other pests you may have a problem with. Use the information above to help you as well.

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