Fruit Fly Control

Some of the bacteria that fruit flies carry can contaminate food. A dining establishment that has incurred a fruit fly infestation will need to be sanitized. Fruit fly control requires targeted pest control methods, which include tossing out loose ingredients and preparing an indoor environment that is unfavorable to these pests.

Fruit Fly Basics

Ripening and rotting fruits attract fruit flies. This fly species may lay eggs on fruits, which can lead to bacterial growth. Swarms of this fly species will typically be observed when an infestation is present. Fruit flies are not reserved to spending time on fruits, however. They may be found near plumbing and on moist and humid surfaces. Fruit flies may also be found near vegetation that contains dense leaves and moist surfaces.

Fruit flies are related to the common house fly. An infestation at a dining establishment may be initially noted indoors. There could be some signs that indicate where the flies are originating from. A restaurateur who has a dumpster on the premises may be drawing fruit flies to the scent of rotted food that has been dumped within the waste receptacle. Ridding a property of fruit flies will require stringent cleaning efforts. Setting up a new protocol for how waste products are bagged and stored could have a large bearing on the reduction of the pest population.

Cleanliness Standards And Restaurant Upkeep

Cleanliness standards should be implemented each and every day. This involves proper food storage, waste control strategies, and the sanitizing of surfaces within the kitchen and dining area where patrons will be seated. An insecticide or a bottle that contains a liquid attractant can aid in capturing fruit flies. Carefully administering an insecticide is a must. All food products should be removed and carefully stored while an insecticide is used.

There are some food-grade pest control products that will not contaminate surfaces that are typically used to prepare and serve food. Restaurant upkeep will prevent additional infestations. Upkeep will deter fruit flies, plus deter many other common pests that could invade an establishment. Checking screens, windowpanes, doors, and walls for damage is important.

Any inconsistencies in structural material should be addressed promptly. These basic upkeep standards will aid with maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Making repairs and improvements will also aid in keeping clientele satisfied. A dining establishment that is well-maintained may indicate that the restaurateur has high regard for serving quality food. For more information on pest control, contact a company near you.

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