Damages That Can Lead To Pest Infestations And How Preventative Treatments Help

You should have the pest control company treat your house regularly, even if there are no signs of pests. Eventually, something can happen, and you could end up with an infestation. This article covers things that can cause infestations, so you understand how important preventative pest treatment is. 

Roofing Damage Can Lead to Pest Issues

Roofing problems can cause pest infestations. As your roof ages, it can develop holes, cracks, or gaps. These problems give pests an easy way to enter the house. 

The type of pest you end up with depends on the size of the hole. Tiny holes can mean ants and bigger holes can mean rodents. If you feel the roof may become a problem, you should have the roofer come out. Also, make sure your house is treated for pests. A few signs of roof issues can include: 

  • Dark areas on the ceiling or upper walls
  • Damaged, peeling, blistered, or bubbling paint on the upper walls
  • Shingles in the yard

Foundation Damage Can Cause Pest Infestations

Your foundation is there to provide a solid base for your house. It also helps to offer extra insulation from cold temperatures. However, the foundation can get cracks and other damages. These things can be caused by soil erosion from flooding, soil shrinkage from droughts, earthquakes, and more. 

There are many problems that a damaged foundation can lead to, including pest infestation. When the pests come in through these cracks, they are often the ones that dwell closer to the soil. These can include pill bugs, roaches, ants, and centipedes. The two phone calls you should make if you think your foundation is damaged are to the foundation repair company and the pest control company. A few signs of foundation problems can include: 

  • Cracks in the interior walls
  • Sticking windows and/or doors
  • Uneven or sinking floors

Water Damage Can Lead to Pest Issues

A flood can come through your region and leave your home with water damage. You may have a pipe burst while you're away from home, and the house floods. You could have a leak somewhere in the house that can cause a lot of water damage before you find it. Along with the other issues that water damage can cause, it can also lead to pest problems. You should call a contractor out as soon as you suspect water damage. Also, call a pest control company to treat the home. 

Some pests are attracted to water-damaged areas because they're after the water. However, there are many who'll come for the softer wood, such as termites, carpenter ants, and several types of beetles. When these pests cause more damage to the wood, it lets in other pests. A few signs of water damage can include: 

  • Musty odors in the house
  • Dark or damaged paint or wallpaper
  • Flooring damage


Now that you realize the kinds of things pests can be drawn to, you'll recognize other risk factors easier. However, the best way to ensure your home isn't at risk of pest infestation is to have it routinely treated. To learn more, contact a pest control service in your area such as Good News Pest Solutions.

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